Sunday, September 23, 2012

Extreme long locks hand spun yarns

The yarns shown here are a group of extreme long locks spinning created from glorious fleeces from Namaste Farms (Natalie Redding) in Temecula California.  There are several skeins of Wensleydale wool which run from 7 inches and a few that are 12 inches long.  Additionally, the Teeswater wool skeins are 12-14 inches in length and look spectacular.  They are all very soft to the touch and yardages range from 2 yards up to 15 yards.

It seems like when I am spinning I get into a groove and just go along making as much of one kind of yarn as I can for a while.  Right now, this is it.  I have about five pounds of Teeswater and Wensleydale fleeces.  These are very rare breeds and additionally, it takes a lot of special attention to grow them to these kinds of lengths.  So, as you can tell, they are very special to me and will make incredible additions to your work.

If you are interested in purchasing some of this wonderful yarn, just contact me.

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