Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gypsy Wagons to Dream About

When I was attending nursing school many years ago in Colorado Springs, Colorado, I remember a neighbor having a gypsy wagon in amongst the pine trees on their property.  It always looked so inviting and led my imagination to want to run away and hit the open road in my horse drawn home on wheels.

Recently, I have come across some especially wonderful examples of gypsy wagons to gladden the heart and  delight the eye.  I hope you enjoy the whimsical magic of these conveyances.

The colors in this one are so lively, I just adore this one.

                                                    Another beauty

The imagination involved in creating these lovely examples of a by-gone era are just the place to snuggle into with a good book or take my spinning wheel and create magical yarns.

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Karla - SpinningMermaid said...

How funny! I was googling for Jacey Boggs yarns and found you! :D

I am a wagon lover too <3 But with the size of my hips It is either the wagon or me.. lol!

Lovely blog :)