Monday, July 23, 2012

Tour de Fleece 20012

Before the event began on Ravelry, my goal was to spin up 50 skeins of yarns (mostly my textured bulky yarns) so the dye pots were bubbling and wool and mohair were dyed up in a rainbow of colors.  I also decided to do a group of natural fleeces for yarns too.  When the event began, I was ready and got to work using my SpinOlution Mach III wheel with the oversize bobbin  set-up.

The first day, I spun up 10 skeins so I was feeling pretty good about being able to finish my task.  As time went on, my goal was to do at least five a day.  Karma (my cat) decided to help me by being my cheering squad and she sat nearby most days for encouragement.  What a trooper!

Well, the event ended yesterday at midnight and I reached my goal!  I'm really proud of myself and have some photos to share.  Hope you like all the colors and textures.

Now, I'm ready for my next challenge and have been making felted flowers to include in these yarns.  Once, I get a few more done will put them up to see what you all think.

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