Thursday, December 22, 2011

Spinning, designing and knitting as well as crocheting

It feels like I have been silent too long. Life has been an adventure as my computer died the death of a thousand screams! It has been quite a journey trying to reconstruct everything. I thought I had it all saved on disks - WRONG! Yikes, slow but sure, I am getting it back together.

In addition to the computer challenges, there have been some exciting new developments. I am signing a contract with a publishing company to offer my patterns through them. They should be going up on line just after the first of the year. Lots of knitting and crocheting going on, with some fun new designs for winter, fall and spring!

Furthermore, piles of fabulous kid mohair fleeces as well as Wensleydale wool has come my way. There has been much dyeing and spinning of all this gorgeousness for use in knitting, crocheting, weaving, doll hair and other kinds of hand crafts. I love intense color and am extremely pleased with the dyeing results.

Our wild little kitten Karma has been busy too - she managed to topple over the Christmas tree and scatter things everywhere! She is still finding and chasing gumballs around the house as she finds them underneath a piece of furniture! She also decided that she could help me with knitting a sweater and I managed to get a photo of her with knitting needles in her little paws.

Additionally, my husband and I are celebrating our 19th anniversary on December 24th, and they said it wouldn't last! HaHa, they were wrong! We actually still like each other more as time goes on. I guess it takes practice.

Wishing everyone a fabulous holiday season with all the joys of family and friends and best wishes for a wonderful New Year ahead!

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Harpa Jónsdóttir said...

Computer problems are the worst! Well, not the actual WORST, as such, but they are a royal pain. Congratulations on your anniversary!
The "helpful" kitten is super cute...