Friday, August 19, 2011

The new love of my life!

Allow me to introduce my newest love - I adopted her recently from Natalie at Namaste Farms. She was a little barn kitten I met on a visit. She had been given lots of love from Nat's five kids and this precious little baby chose me to come live at my house. The kids had named her Java Bean so that had to remain but her full name is Karma Esperanza Java Bean Rosema.

The story of how she got her name gives a giggle still. In preparation for bringing her home, my husband and I picked up cat food, cat box and some new fangled litter. Louie (husband) had been kind of irritable all week and I was definitely getting a bit tired of the grouchies.

Anyway, we bring her home, she appears to be settling in well; however, she apparently did not like the new litter (it looked like hamster food pellets.) I hadn't seen this kind of litter before and apparently neither had she. Well, she proceeded to express her displeasure by pooping on Louie's side of the bed. Imagine me, howling laughter inside but serious on the outside, saying "Karma is the perfect name for her!" He had to clean up the mess and I still have a quiet internal giggle just thinking about how tough paybacks can be for a grouchy old man!

Needless to say, we immediately replaced the new fangled litter with something more conventional. Since that, she has been a perfect angel and has not had one single "slip of the cat box."

She has kept me laughing and entertained ever since she has arrived and is the most loving little rascal. I brought home a big bag of fleece from the farm and she proceeded to jump on top of it and make happy feet and then take a long nap. It must have smelled like home. Too sweet.

I've also been keeping the dye pots simmering as the weather has been perfect for drying fleeces outside. The colors are coming out great and the beauty of these Wensleydale wool and mohair fleeces is astounding - I'm also kettle dyeing skeins and skeins of handspuns. It is making me feel uber-productive!


MaryB said...

Your kitten looks just like our Miss Kitty! What a joyQ

ChelleC said...

Don't pets just bring an amazing amount of joy into our lives? Great hearing from you.

Weird said...

Just found you on Ravelry, and wanted to tell you I love your stuff. Now I find out you have a cat, too <3 She is SO cute :-)

Weird of