Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lexi Boeger - Pluckyfluff Headquarters

Lexi Boeger is undertaking an adventurous new fiber project - converting one of the old barns on the Boeger Winery grounds in Placerville, California into the site of the World Headquarters for Pluckyfluff. This will be a great resource to the fiber community to enable further study of all things fibery as she continues to explore and push the boundaries of contemporary spinning.

I put some photos up 1) Lexi herself in a handspun wool hat that I made for her; 2) original winery building where Lexi lives and 3) a view of the winery which shows the building on the right which will be restored.

I do invite you all to join in to help make this possible. Go here to access all the information to help contribute to making this venture a reality! www.pluckyfluff.com and click on blog.

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