Thursday, November 11, 2010

Socks and more socks

Lately, I have gone to sock knitting heaven! I made a vow to myself that before I started using my own handspun for making socks I would use up all the sock yarn in my stash. Well, a dent is being made in that stash. In the last three weeks or so three pairs of socks have been finished. Two are the Monkey pattern by Cooke A, which were such an easy knit.

The shades of blues, reds and greens sock is made using Poems sock yarn by Universal. I did enjoy knitting with this yarn. There were thick and thin spots in the yarn as well as a little splitting occuring occasionally. But, I just slowed down and I am really liking how these are turning out.

The socks of greens, orange, etc are made with Noro Kureyon sock yarn. Definitely a favorite. I enjoyed knitting with this yarn a lot and like the way they feel on my feet.

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Kyle Kunnecke said...

I love noro... yum yum - and gorgeous socks! great job!