Sunday, October 10, 2010

Knitting and crocheting again!

Here in Southern California, our weather has been fluctuating between super hot and rainy, chilly and windy! What an adventure! Since my Humpty Dumpty incident, I have been a bit sore especially my right hand. Gradually, things have been improving and I am no covered with Technicolor bruises. This new found sense of well being has rekindled my need to knit and crochet. A freeform sweater that has been languishing in a bag unfinished is now being worked on again and actually looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. Right now, I am finishing off the yoke of the sweater and assembling the body and inserting the sleeves. So far so good. Then, the finishing touches will be added and FINALLY it will be done! Hurrah!

Additionally, I have started another pair of embossed leaf socks. It seems that everytime I make a pair they end up with someone else. This time, I am determined to have a pair of my very own. Hoping that I am strong minded enough to keep them! I am a push over when it comes to giving things away.

Still spinning too and have created some lovely new yarns which I have posted on my Flickr page (janrocrochet.) There is just something alluring about wool fleeces and the whole process of preparing for spinning that I really love. Last week, my friend Jamie and I introduced two new spinners to wheel spinning and they are now hooked on it too. Love it when someone is drawn in by the joy of spinning!


Butterfly Works said...

Love your yarns you have spun....It's cooler here in NC now and the perfect time to spin all that wool...of course then you have to knit it up...right......don't forget to post a picture of your completed sweater..

So glad you are getting better from your fall.....

Ebenezer Girl Scouts said...

Where can I purchase your items? I don't know how to spin, or knit, but I MUST have your work!! Please let me know.