Saturday, August 28, 2010

Getting my strength back!

Hurrah! Starting to feel a lot better and more energetic! Still on my spinning kick and have been digging through my ginormous fiber stash to find interesting things to use. I did dig out a few treasures and have been making a lot of new yarn.

The weather here in Hemet has been extremely hot lately and just great for drying yarns and fleeces. I have been a drying maniac to say the least. I've attached a few photos of some new yarns. As you will notice, I have been doing a lot of coils and beehives types. Love them, even though they are time-consuming, when I get a rhythm going, I don't want to stop.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A few new yarns

It is so hard to resist spinning new yarns. I find myself sitting up on the edge of the bed with fiber in hand and spinning until I get tired and then falling back to sleep. There is something therapeutic about the colors and textures running through my fingers as the fiber twists in yarn.

Lately, I have had fun doing small amounts of yarns that are great for small craft projects including weaving, crocheting and knitting. They also look great for Waldorf-inspired doll hair. This has been really gratifying especially when I see the finished projects created.

Attached are a few new colorways that I especially like.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Missing in Action for a while

Lately, my postings on this blog have been sporadic at best. So, I have decided to share the reason for pulling back from things somewhat. In the past months, I have been having significant respiratory problems. After testing and numerous medical visits, I have been told that I have problems related to having lived in a house which had mold in the walls. Additionally, they let me know I had the beginnings of congestive heart failure.

Needless to say, all of this has slowed me down a bit. I am still spinning yarns, selling spinning wheels and doing some designing. However, I get tired easily sometimes and need a nap. Hopefully, with the new treatment the doctor has started me on, things will start improving and I will be back to my old self soon.

My husband Louie has been taking good care of me, bless his heart. I am in good hands and am hanging in there.