Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back from Summer Hibernation

Lately, I have been silent and hibernating in my spinning cave for a while. Basically, been washing fleeces and doing some dyeing and carding batts for spinning and felting. Of course, there has been spinning going on and I have attached a few photos.

Additionally, SpinOlution has come out with a new wheel, the Mach III, and it has some great new innovations. I have enjoyed testing it out and will be adding this wheel to the others that I sell. While driving to Mike's, I came across four bison in a fenced field that starts at the end of my block and goes around to a couple of blocks from Mike's. Who knew? They are pretty darn big and my spinner's heart longed for the fiber. However, I am not brave enough or foolish enough to try and gather it. They can move pretty fast and don't have very good dispositions. Kind of cool to look at though! I thought we only had dairies and grazing sheep around here but obviously there are more exotic critters nearby.

The month of July is proving to be hot, with windy days and a few thunderstorms. I have decided to try to stay cool and enjoy creating some new garments.

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Hatdiva said...

Uhhhh yeah. They move at a rate of 35mph. I learned that when I visited Jackson Hole. They also ram cars. Really!