Friday, April 16, 2010

Up to my elbows in fibers and still spinning!

The morning started with old-fashioned roses and a cuppa coffee brought in by my hubby! That was a sweet surprise and then he started a load of laundry too. Who is this man and what did he do with Louie!??? Guess I will have to make that chocolate cake I have been promising him for the last month!

Our weather has been changing from day to day, one day warm and then rainy and cold. I wish it would just decide. Oh well, the wool is getting cold rain water rinses occasionally, can't hurt! For some reason, I just remain entranced with spinning and playing with fiber just for the sake of creating yarn. Since it is the basis for everything else I love doing, it just seems right.

Additionally, I just received a darling hat from a designer on Etsy called dadaya whose web site is and I absolutely adore it. It is so wonderfully whimsical and it just makes me happy to have it on my head or looking at it on the hat stand! I have included a photo so you can enjoy it too.

Looking forward to a lovely weekend full of fiber, friends and fun!

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