Wednesday, December 23, 2009

She continues to spin

My spinning addiction continues and shows no sign of stopping. The feeling of the fibers in my hands as well as the colors and textures of the dyed locks, curls and rovings just spark my imagination. Then the search begins for interesting things to include such as feathers, fabric, sequins, sparkle, threads, etc. It is a never-ending experiment in creativity. I feel like a magpie in search of flotsam and jetsam for my own little fiber nest!

I am awaiting the arrival of a Pat Green drum carder any day now so that should invite more experiments in creating art batts for spinning and felting too. I am excited about this and am squirming in anticipation! It is fascinating to see how everything blends together and then becomes that perfect art yarn.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season!


Velvet said...

Happy Holidays to you and Louie! Your yarns look amazing!

Cida CrochĂȘt said...
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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing your patterns in the 2010 Knitting Calendar. Can't wait to try them!

ChelleC said...

Janice you are spinning such gorgeous stuff. I can see why you want to keep going and going. I am pretty hooked on spinning myself right now. Isn't it a blast? I can't wait to get into dyeing more.