Monday, November 23, 2009

New SpinOlution wheel - the Hopper

Here is a little info on the brand new spinning wheel from SpinOlution. This one is called the Hopper. These photos represent the first prototype wheel and in photos it is shown in relationship to SpinOlution Mach II, Bee and Echo. On Sunday, I took it to the spinning group at LisCat in Long Beach to share with other spinners and see how they liked it or had any suggestions. The photos were taken by Jamie Badore on his new camera phone because I forgot to charge my digital camera.

I will be adding more information to this post about the wheel in the morning but at least here are some pictures to tempt you in the meantime. One of the ladies trying it out stated that the wheel just made her feel happy, kind of like you did when you rode your tricycle as a kid. That is an apt description.

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Anonymous said...

Hopped over from Ravery to take a look at the new looks like a little airplane - no wonder people smile!