Monday, October 5, 2009

Spinning wheels, yarns and knitting

Finally, the weather is beginning to cool although there are still a few wild fires burning in Southern California. The chilly mornings make me want to huddle with a great cup of coffee, wool, spinning wheels and also knitting. It is a lovely thing and as I have been spinning up a storm, I have put several baskets of my plied and art yarns at LisCat for sale.

One of my little neighbors has shown an interest in spinning and I have started her out with a drop spindle and some fibers. She is doing really well and her next thing is to learn knitting. So, I think I have a new member of the fiber world on my hands.

A lovely antique wheel belonging to my friend Jamie has come to visit at our house for a while. Louie has been working on the wheel and has gotten it working again. The wheel is not warped and treadles very nicely now. The only part left to replace are the little hooks which appeared to be made of tiny little finishing nails bent into a curve. Along with it was an incredible skein winder that has hand-cut wooden gears and expands and contracts. It is an amazing and lovely object just to admire, a true work of art.

Additionally, another SpinOlution wheel has come into the house which will be for sale when the painting is finished. It was painted with lovely lilacs and still has more to be done in terms of the finishing touches but will be a lovely addition to anyone's stable of wheels. If you are interested in this one, just contact me.

Furthermore, I have begun designing new patterns and am showing a small portion of a new design incorporating Cha-Cha ruffles. I am also working on some new flower designs which can be knitted and crocheted. It is wonderful to feel the creative juices flowing again.

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