Monday, September 21, 2009

Here are the photos that go with the post below.

It's a girl!

On Saturday, the SpinOlution wheels and I joined a group of ladies who raise llamas and also spin and do other fiber arts. We met at the Historic Galleano Winery in Mira Loma. What a lovely place! The picnic area had lots of trees and shade and the old buildings were charming and vine-covered. The winery tasting room was near by and they do give tours. The llama fiber was absolutely lovely and wonderfully soft and spun up into gorgeous yarns. One of the ladies brought a Louet Hatbox wheel which I got a chance to try and just loved it. These are no longer made but are a real treasure. A great time was had by all and this is a group I want to meet with again!

Yesterday was the meeting of the Sunday Spinning Group at LisCat in Long Beach. I picked up my new baby girl, a Louet S45. She is lovely to look at and delightful to spin. Since she is little and cute, I have dubbed her Gidget! Isn't she adorable? Thank you, Velvet for selling this little beauty. She will be much loved!

This was a weekend filled with friends and spinning that made my heart glad. Just wonderful!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Still Sidetracked Spinning

For some reason, I have been pretty much obsessed with spinning for the past month. Knitting and crochet projects languish in the work basket, tugging at my ankles begging me to return to them. Except for two pairs of socks which have been knitted while a passenger in the car, I have been taking a sabbatical. There are five new patterns which have to be written up and photos taken so I can post them but that will get done soon.

I have been up to my eyeballs in washing fleeces, dyeing rovings and fibers (winter will eventually come and cleaning everything before it gets too cold will give me plenty to spin.) That is my plan! All the spinning has been lots of fun and here are a few more examples. I have posted some on my Etsy shop ( and well as some dyed rovings and carded art batts for spinning and felting.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More talented friends

Being surrounded by talented friends is always inspiring! Today I want to give kudos to my friend Kyle Kunnecke ( winning Best in Show at the Los Angeles County Fair for his freeform shawl. He started this project a while back after we got together and experimented with freeform techniques. The end result is pretty amazing. In addition to his Best in Show for the shawl, he won a second place ribbon for one of his sweaters and a second place for ceramics. This is a multi-talented man! I am always impressed with all the things he tries and does so well!

The actual fair photos are a little dark so I included more clear photos of the shawl. Note that the main color of shawl is a green not brown. Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Talented friends

Another wonderful Sunday at LisCat, knitting, spinning and crocheting. A chance to see friends I haven't seen in a while and admiring their wonderful projects. My friend Michelle finished her gorgeous crocheted Babette afghan using lots of lovely Noro yarns as well as handspuns. Eileen also joined us and I have posted a photo of her first original pattern for a darling little knitted capelet modeled by Meghan (Michelle's darling daughter.)

My friend Jamie and I were carding and spinning some wonderful alpaca fiber. Jamie also brought his SpinOlution Bee wheel and bag. He had dyed his bag using Rit dye in the washer and it turned out really great. More user-friendly color than the original natural white canvas. Clever guy! It was a wonderful mix of people. We laughed, worked and visited with each other in the lovely environment at LisCat.