Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday at LisCat

Another lovely Sunday in Long Beach with Katrina in her wonderful and friendly store called LisCat. It is a great place to spin, knit and just hang out in general. Also, we had a little party for my husband Louie's birthday, complete with cupcakes and pressies! There was also lots of fiber and yarn for all the yarnies. In a couple of weeks, I am going to start teaching some workshops at this shop and you can see some of the samples displayed of what is upcoming.

I am also including a photo of Betty's using her hybrid Mach I-II (Mach I body with Mach II upgrades) You can see she has a beautiful yarn in the works on her bobbin now. Jamie and I are participating in a fiber study and this week I washed Targhee and Cormo fleece and just have to card it up and spin. He was working on spinning a gorgeous alpaca fleece today which is a yummy reddish brown and so soft! Linda and Velvet brought their wheels and had some fabulous skeins that they had spun (didn't move fast enough to get photos). Abraham does the most amazing counted cross stitch and was working away on a commissioned piece. I will snap some photos next time! I have also included a group of knitters in the comfortable seating area along with Katrina. Doesn't it look inviting? Come join us!

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