Saturday, August 1, 2009

Re-organized my work space

Phase One is complete! It was a lot of work but finally the work space is looking pretty good. I have great new storage and used an antique oak bookcase with doors to hide all my bolts of fabric. Everything is accessible and organized. It is a pleasure to be in this room and work on projects. I now have a large table to spread things out and work. All the spinning wheels are close by as are the fibers and my drum carder. Ah, happiness! This has sparked a whole new phase of creativity and some new sweater designs for Fall, which are currently in progress.

Phase Two - The Archives - more yarn and fiber storage is still in progress although great strides have been made in there too. I am still culling out the old and re-arranging the things I want to keep. Finally, all the reference books and magazines are in one place which makes it much easier to find what I want. I love Ikea for their storage solutions and am slowly getting everything compartmentalized. When that room is ready for primetime, I will take photos and share them. Right now, it is a little crazy looking!

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