Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Isn't she lovely?

Ta-dah! Here is a new offering from SpinOlution, an entry level spinning wheel that sells for $450 which includes shipping. It comes with one bobbin and has three speeds (4:1, 6:1 and 8:1) and will have an upgraded flyer assembly for an extra $50 with speeds up to 18:1 as an option. She weighs in at about 14 pounds, stands 29 inches tall, orifice height is 25 inches and she is about 19 1/4 inches wide. The innovative SpinOlution treadling is standard on this wheel and she also uses standard Bee bobbins but there is more room here for filling the bobbin as the flyer arms have been moved a bit in this design. The tensioning is very nice and adjusts well in small increments and does hold.

I had a chance to actually spin on the wheel today and really enjoyed this. I love the size and weight of the wheel and really hated to see Michael (the wheelmaker) take this home as I wanted to keep spinning. I have already placed an order to add to my wheel collection which is reproducing as quickly as rabbits in my living room! Yikes! Will be listing this new wheel for pre-orders on my Etsy site. I have shared some baby pictures here so you can see that this little darling is just the cutest thing!

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Harpa J said...

Yes she is! Lovely, that is :-)