Monday, July 27, 2009

Racka Sheep

Check out these sheep! They are called Racka and also known as Ratca (Romanian), Hortobagy Racka or Hungarian Zackel. The males and females have the spiral horns. They are hardy animals with quiet dispositions. They are raised for milk, wool and meat. The fiber diameter is 12-40 microns, yield of 38-65% and a staple length of 12 inches.

There apparently is a small flock in Temecula, near where I live so I am definitely going to go see them and hopefully obtain some fleece to experiment with to see how I like it. More on these soon.


Harpa J said...

They are so cool!

Happy belated birthday!

Your hats (below) are so beautiful.

Janice Rosema said...

Aren't they wonderful? The woman who has these sheep also has Gotlands and Angora goats. She is totally devoted to the best care for her animals and the fleeces definitely reflect her care.

Anonymous said...

spinolution machII??? I am coming to San Diego, California the last week of August. is there a way to see and/or spin on this wheel? I am interested in buying one, but, would like to try it out first.


Paula Parker said...

I currently raise Jacob 4 Horn Sheep. Would like to purchase 4 or 5
racka ewes and a ram. They look so awsom, and their wool looks like it would be nice to work with. If anyone knows where I might purchase a starter flock of these magnificent animals please contact me through my facebook page Spotted Goats & Soptted 4 Horn Jacob Sheep. Thanks