Monday, July 27, 2009

Racka Sheep

Check out these sheep! They are called Racka and also known as Ratca (Romanian), Hortobagy Racka or Hungarian Zackel. The males and females have the spiral horns. They are hardy animals with quiet dispositions. They are raised for milk, wool and meat. The fiber diameter is 12-40 microns, yield of 38-65% and a staple length of 12 inches.

There apparently is a small flock in Temecula, near where I live so I am definitely going to go see them and hopefully obtain some fleece to experiment with to see how I like it. More on these soon.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Starry Starry Night - gorgeous sock yarn

This will be available at Sock Summit and, in my opinion, is a splendid colorway. I want to make socks out of this one! Starry Starry Night is made by Three Irish Girls and is a limited edition yarn. Wish I was going to Sock Summit so I could snag some of this one!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

She's back!

It has been quite a while since making any blog entries. Have been in house hermit mode, quietly knitting, crocheting and spinning on projects of my own. It has been a nice respite from the summer heat (as high as 112 degrees) as the AC has made it comfortable enough to continue working with wool which is a personal fav of mine. Over the past few months, I had made a vow to not be buying any new yarn and only work from my considerable stash. I have been good until just a couple of weeks ago. I was invited to a lovely shop in Long Beach called LisCat and definitely fell in love! It is a cheerful, inviting space with a wonderfully welcoming owner and staff. It is definitely a place where you want to stay for a while and just knit, crochet or spin! As you can see, socks are a popular item here and the yarns are great (even I broke down and bought a skein.)

July 19th was my birthday and I met friends including Jamie, Abraham and Velvet at the shop for fibery fun. The owner's young daughter tried using a drop spindle and was a natural! I think we have a new spinner! I also brought cupcakes for everyone and we definitely had a party - too much fun! LisCat is becoming my Sunday hang-out spot and I will be doing some teaching here of knitting, crocheting and spinning as well as some other fun things. Come join us.

SpinOlution has just released their new Mach II wheel and it is amazing. There are new upgrades including an additional speed (23:1) and a magnetic orifice. I just love this wheel. The wheels continue to evolve in terms of design and finishing. As the Southern California distributor, it is really gratifying to see how much people like this wheel as well as the travel wheel (the Bee.) If you have any questions about them, just contact me.

I have been doing some dyeing of fibers including fleece and fiber for my Etsy shop. Also, I found a homemade coarse carding machine that has been motorized and will be creating a lot more art batts for spinning and felting. I am really excited about this prospect as it should be more efficient than the hand cranked drum carder which is definitely a knuckle buster.