Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Men Who Knit in America

A dear friend, Kyle Kunnecke (above photo, at the LA County Fair with sweater in early stages) is preparing a book on Men Who Knit in America and I would like to invite all of you men and women who knit to participate in his information-gathering survey at

Aditionally, you can get in touch with him at Kyle is an amazingly talented man and I know he will do a great job on this project! Sorry, I could not make the link work but I did get a photo of Kyle up!


The past week or so has been challenging to put it mildly, most of which was due to outside forces. It pretty much peaked on Saturday evening, when my anxiety maxed out and medical problems were adversely affected to the point where I ended up in the Emergency Room from about 10P to 9:30A the next morning, making it impossible to function in any useful way due to the effects on my health. I ended up back in the doctor's office on Monday with continuing and scary symptoms. The doctor lectured me on the effects of stress on my medical condition. He advised cutting back on things that create the kind of stress that caused the physical meltdown on Saturday night.

At this point, it seems like a good idea to scale back on the things that do not create a sense of peace and joyfulness and focus on the things that do. Therefore, I am taking a sabbatical of sorts and just spending some time doing what I enjoy which will, of course, include creative ventures not tied to someone else's expectations or deadlines. Hopefully, this will result in a restoration of sorts. I do not want to lose the joy of creating but do feel it is time to become a hermit again and stay away from organized gatherings for a while.

So, now it is time to take a deep breath and take some time out for myself and focus on the work that I truly love. Life is too short to waste.