Friday, February 13, 2009

Bee's back view and spinning demo

On February 12th, Michael allowed me to show the Bee to this young lady who was visiting from out of state (Dorayme on Ravelry) and as you can see, they bonded. She spun on the Bee and compared it to the SpinOlution Mach 1 and also a Schacht Matchless. In the end, the Bee was the perfect fit for her and she did pre-order one. The SpinOlution Bee comes out officially on March 1st so none are shipping until then. The wheel I got to use for a demo did not have the on-board bobbin storage/lazy Kate installed yet but those will be included when actual wheels are delivered. Unraveled, my favorite knitting shop, in Monrovia, CA was gracious enough to lend their store for this demo. Thanks Christine! We had a wonderful afternoon spinning and playing with wool and cotton.

Additionally, in the course of spending my afternoon there, I acquired beaucoup amounts of Maggi's Knits linen/cotton blend - what a wonderful yarn, where has it been all my life? It is delightful to knit and creates a lovely fabric. I ended up getting several colors with an interesting design in mind to take advantage of the drapey loveliness that is linen. Then, as FayLynn (the usual instructor) was sick, I ended up staying to help out with the Thursday evening drop-in class. Afterwards, my husband and I went to dinner at Chang's (our favorite Thai restaurant)and then went on home. After checking emails and filling PDF pattern orders, I fell asleep at about 1 o'clock in the morning. So, needless to say, I am dragging my sorry self around today but that's what happens when having too much fun at my age. It doesn't stop me from doing it but it just takes longer to recover!


doreen said...

It was so much fun to trail the Bee! I love her and cannot wait for mine to arrive! Thank you Janice for your time, care and interest that you gave to me, and to the fiber arts!
I had a wonderful visit and only wish it could have gone on for longer, or continued on to another day.

lizzzknits said...

I just got my first wheel, so I am not ready for a second, but the size of the Bee is really interesting.......