Saturday, October 18, 2008

Woodland Elf neckwarmer

Neckwarmers continue to intrigue me. They lend themselves to such a variety of interpretations and when taken a bit farther become capelets. This is a new one using Ozark Handspun yarn as well as their brand new Ozark Companion yarn which is a single ply 85% wool, 15% mohair delight with 190 yds, worsted weight. Tomorrow, I will be taking photos of some of the glorious colors I have just received from Dave at Ozark Handspun to use in creating a bunch of new designs. The colors are absolutely spectacular and it is wonderful for knitting and crocheting. I can see some seriously incredible modular designs coming on!

This particular new neckwarmer combines a super-bulky handspun and worsted weight yarn resulting in this lovely ruffled effect and fastened with a very large pewter button. Last weekend, I scoured some of my favorite button sources resulting in some great finds including pewter, bone, wood and ceramic. Now that the weather is beginning to cool off a bit, I find myself more energized to be creative with wool and other fibers. Now, I can begin working up my sketches into finished projects. Hurrah!

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Harpa J said...

It is lovely - and the name really suits it.