Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Modular jacket growing

Knitting is helping to keep me from losing my mind during this contentious election process. As you can tell, this piece of modular knitting is growing pretty rapidly as the only alternative for the anxiety would be a good stiff shot of tequila. Working with yarn is safer in the long run even though I am using sharp pointed objects in the creation process. I am loving how this new Ozark Companion yarn is working up in this design and the variations of color within the skeins is delightful.


Lisa said...

Janice, I really like how the pattern is developing. Is that modular pattern available somewhere?

I agree about the election coverage. I'm just about ready to do an "Elvis" and shoot out the telly!

Jane's Designs said...

Oh my! It's so lovely.

Harpa J said...

This looks very cool!