Friday, October 10, 2008

dyeing, carding and spinning

This has been a hectic week of dyeing fleece and rovings, carding up fiber batts for spinning and felting as well as spinning yarn and some knitting. I have posted a few pictures of some of my latest adventures. In addition, there is a photo of an extravagantly flamboyant scarf made of lusciously beautiful pom-poms for that "stop 'em in their tracks" accessory.

Last Saturday, I spent the day at Unraveled helping out and even got in a bit of knitting time and did a bit of informal teaching drop spindle spinning. I also found some lovely yarns for a project of my own. On Sunday, I ended up in San Diego at The Shepherdess where Cooky and I spent the day spinning. She has a little Louet Victoria which she needed a bit of help with and I brought my Schacht Matchless. We had a great time playing with fibers and creating some lovely yarns. I also found some absolutely stunning Czech glass buttons. Additionally, I signed up for my first beading class - yes, I have finally been officially seduced by the lure of beads.

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Harpa J said...

Beads - shiny..... :-)