Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Modular jacket growing

Knitting is helping to keep me from losing my mind during this contentious election process. As you can tell, this piece of modular knitting is growing pretty rapidly as the only alternative for the anxiety would be a good stiff shot of tequila. Working with yarn is safer in the long run even though I am using sharp pointed objects in the creation process. I am loving how this new Ozark Companion yarn is working up in this design and the variations of color within the skeins is delightful.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Companion swatches

Here is another little hint of what the new Companion yarn looks like when knitted. These are going to be great in modular work as seen here. Will post more as I make progress on this project.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ozark Companion - brand new yarns

Here is one more group of the new yarn colors in the Ozark Companion. These are worsted weight single ply yarns. Each skein contains 190 yards. Needle size: 7-9. Fiber content: 85% wool, 15% mohair.

Ozark Companion - brand new yarns

The most exciting box of goodies arrived from Dave Gentzsch of Ozark Handspun! As I cut open the box, yarns in glorious and luscious colors burst out all over the place. I felt like a kid in a candy store surrounded by all this beauty. Then, I calmed myself and began to approach things like a grown-up, going through them one colorway at a time. I must say that each one was more wonderful than the last. I felt like the luckiest woman in the world!

Next step, I corraled my husband to do his thing with the ball winder and swift. Twenty skeins later, I let him take a break! On the table was a stack of these wonderful yarns for me to create new designs for Ozark Handspun. I intend to combine these with the Ozark Opulent handspun as well. I have started making up some modular swatches with the Companion yarns too. As soon as I block these, I will put up the pics. In the meantime, here are a few yarn photos just to tempt you.

This new yarn in the Ozark Handspun inventory will be available soon in yarn stores throughout the country. In the meantime, the first store on the West Coast to stock this yarn will be The Shepherdess in San Diego, California. This shop is a little gem of a place with a beautifully edited collection of amazing yarns for the fiber artist as well as wonderful beading supplies and the most outstanding classes and teachers!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Woodland Elf neckwarmer

Neckwarmers continue to intrigue me. They lend themselves to such a variety of interpretations and when taken a bit farther become capelets. This is a new one using Ozark Handspun yarn as well as their brand new Ozark Companion yarn which is a single ply 85% wool, 15% mohair delight with 190 yds, worsted weight. Tomorrow, I will be taking photos of some of the glorious colors I have just received from Dave at Ozark Handspun to use in creating a bunch of new designs. The colors are absolutely spectacular and it is wonderful for knitting and crocheting. I can see some seriously incredible modular designs coming on!

This particular new neckwarmer combines a super-bulky handspun and worsted weight yarn resulting in this lovely ruffled effect and fastened with a very large pewter button. Last weekend, I scoured some of my favorite button sources resulting in some great finds including pewter, bone, wood and ceramic. Now that the weather is beginning to cool off a bit, I find myself more energized to be creative with wool and other fibers. Now, I can begin working up my sketches into finished projects. Hurrah!

Friday, October 10, 2008

dyeing, carding and spinning

This has been a hectic week of dyeing fleece and rovings, carding up fiber batts for spinning and felting as well as spinning yarn and some knitting. I have posted a few pictures of some of my latest adventures. In addition, there is a photo of an extravagantly flamboyant scarf made of lusciously beautiful pom-poms for that "stop 'em in their tracks" accessory.

Last Saturday, I spent the day at Unraveled helping out and even got in a bit of knitting time and did a bit of informal teaching drop spindle spinning. I also found some lovely yarns for a project of my own. On Sunday, I ended up in San Diego at The Shepherdess where Cooky and I spent the day spinning. She has a little Louet Victoria which she needed a bit of help with and I brought my Schacht Matchless. We had a great time playing with fibers and creating some lovely yarns. I also found some absolutely stunning Czech glass buttons. Additionally, I signed up for my first beading class - yes, I have finally been officially seduced by the lure of beads.