Monday, September 22, 2008

Emerging from the shadows

Things have been a challenge since I last posted. Have you ever felt that everything you do goes sideways? Well, this past few weeks have been that way for me. It feels like I have been unable to accomplish anything I set out to do. Projects are unfinished, personal deadlines are in disarray and the workroom looks like an avalanche hit! Additionally, anxiety about our Presidential election has taken a toll on me. I have actually had nightmares about this. It seems like many people have lost all reason and want to drag us backwards into bigotry and narrow-minded religiosity with women having no rights to govern their own bodies. If my memory serves me correctly, it didn't work out too well for most people in the past except for the rich and powerful.

Now that Fall is officially here, I am looking forward to being revitalized in the area of knitting and crocheting as well as designing. Today, I am going to be playing with yarns and experimenting. A good reorganization of the work area is in order too. I am also thinking that spinning up some yarns and carding spinning batts are needed to inspire me to new things. Hopefully, this will perk up my attitude about things and result in some interesting projects.


Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Oh how I know how you feel. It's been like that for me all Summer but these past two weeks have been horrendous until I started finishing some Christmas gifts. Once I get past November, maybe I can accomplish some of my goals again. Good luck!

Harpa J said...

I know the feeling too. And I do get you fear about the election too. I think a lot of Europeans watch with a mixture of incredulity and amazement on the latest developments in that area.