Saturday, August 9, 2008

Flock of sheep spotted at Unraveled!

Amidst lots of laughter and flying needles, a wonderfully delightful group of eight knitters (Kyle, Roxanne, Anita, Susan, Mary, Lisa, Jeannine and Michelle) gathered today at Unraveled to turn Ozark Handspun and an assortment of worsted weight yarns into an adorable flock of whimsical sheep! They developed personalities all their own with help from each knitter. By the end of the day, we gathered the little critters together for their colorful group photo. As you can see from the photos, everyone was having a good time and had a productive day. Who could ask for more?

In addition to the class, there were several busy knitting circles happening in the shop which included Larry of knitdad fame, the gorgeous Hannah and her mother Lisa, Sylvia and Melanie. Fay Lynn was here today hanging out after teaching a class this morning. I tell you, the joint was jumping today!! Joining in was my friend Shella who was auditioning yarns and ideas for a new project. A few people including Melanie tried out the Mach 1 spinning wheel today and checked out the new spinning fibers in the shop as well. Susan was working on another fabulous pair of socks and Christine was working on her knucks (which are looking amazing as she is carefully blending her colors as she works.) Margie was working on another wonderful baby sweater too. Such industry on everyone's part!

There was a steady stream of people through the shop all day including friends I haven't seen in a few years. It was absolutely amazing! My heart was bursting with delight by the end of the day!

Afterwards, my husband and I met his oldest brother and his mom for dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant (Chang's Bistro)in Monrovia. Following that, we headed home and as we were driving down the little two lane country road near our house, I spotted a large flock of sheep grazing right next to the road with the shepherd and his dogs nearby. You have to love it! We also pass a dairy farm on that road and in the "maternity pen" were five new calves which weren't there on our way out of town in the morning. So, today was a busy day on the farm too! Great day!


Kyle Kunnecke said...

I had such a great time in the class - thank you for taking time to teach us all! I LOVE my lambie! :)

Lisa said...

I too had a good time in your class...I can't wait to finish my little lambie!