Monday, August 4, 2008

Fiber fun and future class

On August 2nd, I escaped from home and ended up at Unraveled (my favorite hang-out)with the Mach1 spinning wheel, drum carder and loads of fiber in tow. There were lots of people in and out of the shop all day. We carded custom spinning batts and other tantalizing fibers which will be available in the shop for spinners and/or felters. I brought in some dyed Cotswold locks to add extra texture to projects or even use for doll hair. Additionally, I brought in new garment samples for future classes and patterns for sale at the shop. Do check them out! I am also working on some new ones for Fall which will be ready soon. I left a Mach1 spinning wheel, lazy Kate and bobbins as a floor sample so come in and give it a try. Christine will be carrying the wheels for sale in the shop as well as some spinning fibers.

A number of people tested out the Mach1 including a couple of folks who had never used a spinning wheel before. This trusty wheel performed like a champ and the learning curve for a newbie seemed a lot less frustrating than with most wheels. I also ended up doing a bit of impromptu teaching of knitting techniques. As an added bonus, I got to see some friends whom I haven't seen in a bit. It was a busy day, filled with fun, laughter and lots of fiber! At the end of the day, my husband and I went out to our favorite Thai restaurant in Monrovia (Chang's Bistro) and had a wonderfully delicious meal and a lovely drive home.

Looking to the future, on Saturday, August 9th, I'll be back at Unraveled teaching how to create my Lambie Pie. I have written a pattern for a knitted and a crocheted version of this adorable critter so I hope you will join us to create your own whimsical flock! I am looking forward to this one. Apparently, Lambie has been well-loved by nearly everyone who has come in the shop in recent months and they all want one of their very own. Here's your chance! Hope to see you there.


Harpa J said...

Lambie is very very cute!

Kyle Kunnecke said...

I'd love to come make a lamb with you! - email me and let me know how I go about registering - I don't see where (on the store's website) I go to sign up... and they're closed today :(