Saturday, June 21, 2008

OMG, I thought BSG was next week!

Talk about a senior moment - I have been preparing to go to Black Sheep Gathering in Oregon for the past several weeks, getting the house ready, the chores done and figuring out what to pack and how the spinning wheels were going to ride in the back seat(with seat belts, of course.)  I have been looking forward to hanging out with some friends and laughing, spinning and enjoying all the fibery goodness that is BSG as well as enjoying the beautiful coastline of California and the delights of the Oregon landscape.  As of this morning, I realized that I have run into a slight snag, BSG was THIS weekend not NEXT weekend!  Duh!  Well, on a positive note, the house is clean and organized, the cat's world is all set for anything and I even cleaned out the science experiments in the fridge! 

So, here I sit trying to stay cool in the 108 degree heat in Hemet, thank God for air conditioning!  To delude myself further into believing I am participating in a fiber event, I have been spinning yarn like a maniac!  I have made lots of lovely two ply hand-painted yarns, some bulky art yarns and have been carding batts in preparation for more spinning.  Of course, the cat is the only one to talk with and he is not finding it all terribly exciting to say the least.
I have convinced the husband that he should cook this weekend because my brain must be incapable of complex thoughts in terms of menus, recipes, open flames (the stove) and it might be dangerous to put me in charge in the kitchen.  Since I mixed up the weekends, he agreed with me and took over the chef duties! (he,he, it worked!) So, I guess I will remain in my delusional state having misplaced a week and continue spinning.  It is too hot to do any dyeing right now but it sure would dry quickly!

There are a few skeins of handspun posted just to prove that I have accomplished something besides housecleaning and other mundane chores.  Maybe next year I will get the dates straight - I may need outside help though!

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Marie said...

Your yarns look so pretty! I hope you have fun at the festival.

And I wish I had your persuasive skills; the most cooking my husband can accomplish is turning on the rice cooker.