Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Ta-da, introducing Trixie (as named by my friend Velma)in all her glory! I decided against adding color other than a natural Watco Danish oil finish. Afterwards, I polished her to nice sheen using Howard's Beeswax. Not only is she beautiful but she spins like a pro! Compare the closeup of the bobbin and flyer set-up with the previous photos of a Mach1 without my specific modifications. As you can see, the roller pegs are taller and the hook in the front is large and has a rounded ball so yarns won't catch and all kinds of goodies can be added to art yarns without any problems. Think of the things you can create! Oh, note that there is about 4 oz of super-bulky yarn on bobbin and as you can see there is room for plenty more. Hurrah for big bobbins.

Since I have fallen in love with this wheel, I have decided to offer them for sale in the Southern California area. If you are within a 100 mile radius, the wheel can be personally delivered if desired. Otherwise, it can be shipped anywhere in the US for $60. Also, we can do the finishing (sanding and staining) for an extra fee. Just let us know what you decide.

Life has a way of coming full circle. Many years ago (30+) I made a living as a spinner and have never lost my love for making yarn. It must be Kismet as I discovered this wheel and have been blown away by how it works. If you have any questions about it, just contact me and I will try to answer your questions.

Can't wait to create some new projects with the new yarns.


primdollie said...

oh wow what a fun wheel will have to tel me a lot more and since I am still considering a Lendrum is this better?? would love more thoughts! and the yarns are simply awesome dear!! glad to see you posting and spinning and hope to hear you are feeling better too soon!!
big hugs Linda

Rina said...

How come yours came with a hook for the non-orifice place? I've seen other photos, and they have the same pole type for the non-orifice place.

I've not gotten mine. UPS website says it's on time on June 2nd. So excited.

Janice Rosema said...

Rina, I had some modifications done to my wheel so that the flyer pegs were taller and the open ball hook (instead of a peg) in the front would accommodate much bulkier yarns. What you are describing is the standard set-up. I do fine spinning and art yarns so my set-up works well for me. Janice