Sunday, May 4, 2008

Playing with new wheel

Well, I brought home my new Mach1 spinning wheel and have been playing and creating some new handspuns. Michael Pauley (the creator and builder) has truly "reinvented" the wheel as far as spinning is concerned. I am posting a few examples of the goodies I have made so far and I'm just getting started! I have come to love the toe brakes especially for art yarn spinning as it allows placement of things where you want them to be and in the event that you get in trouble while spinning you can stop immediately without a bunch of tangling. The wheel is almost effortless to use.

My friend Velma has named her Trixie which I really like and so that's her new name. As soon as I finish primping and styling her (the wheel) I'll post some photos for you all to enjoy.

Still in the process of recovering from my thump on the head in the tub and am still a bit nervous about showering or bathing but have done the things (shower chair and nonslip mat) to maintain safety. I feel like I need to shout "Marco" and hear a response of "Polo" just to know all is well. I guess slowly my brain will become less addled and the aches and pains will return to the regular garden variety ones. In the meantime, I am still taking it easy and playing with my new toy. Hope you like the yarns.

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