Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spinning wheel test pilot

This morning, I went on a little excursion to try some fiber experimentation with the new Mach1 wheel (see photos of wheel in progress.) It is being modified to my specifications for spinning art yarns and we were trying some different options to see how they worked. Without the limitation of an orifice, it certainly allows for some interesting yarns. I have posted one yarn that I made and plied. In terms of spinning bulky yarns with locks and adding things such as flowers, pompoms, scraps, fabric, lace, etc this wheel is easy to use. I found the toe brakes particularly useful when I wanted to stop the wheel and place the flowers at a certain angle or spot in the yarn. I also spun up some silk and wool from rovings in a DK weight and plied them (unfortunately my photos were blurry.) I got to see my own wheel in the process of being made in the workshop. Pretty exciting stuff. I am toying with different ideas for finishes including possibly doing a combo of paint and stained wood after sanding everything and prepping it. I just can't wait to bring her home.

Additionally, I have opened an Etsy shop and am selling some finished items as well as patterns and handspun yarns. Check it out at http://janicerosema.etsy.com as well as on Ravelry where my user name is janro. Hope you find something you like.

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velmalikevelvet said...

oh, yay! you're getting closer to bringing 'er home! exciting news indeed. hugs!