Monday, April 14, 2008

new projects

Well, it seems that I am slowly crawling out of the pit of no fiber projects and have been doing some little things. As a little preview, I have posted some bracelets and cuffs that I've made using fiber-wrapping techniques and felting as well as beads and handspun yarns. I also did a little crocheting using copper wire which is something new for me. I think it might have possibilities for more things but I think that can wait a bit. As I still get tired easily and my brain is still a bit foggy, I am trying to keep things simple and still do something.

Over the past week, I've been helping two new Pirtle spinning wheel owners with the tweaking of their wheels. I've discovered that it is hard to do this over the internet but we seem to be succeeding slowly. Closeup photos do seem to help with some things. Also, my friend Velma told me about a new spinning wheel called the Mach 1 which is produced here in Hemet, CA. I am going to call and find out if I can take it for a test spin and will report back to you. It is an unusual looking wheel and has no hooks only pegs and no orifice. So, needless to say, this intrigues me from an art yarn spinning point of view. I can't wait to try it. The company making it is called SpinOlution if you are interested.

Back to doing mundane household things including laundry and maybe even a bit of baking for the hubby today. After all, he did save me and has certainly earned a chocolate cake at least!

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