Sunday, March 16, 2008

Working with Art Yarns class

Yesterday at Unraveled,I taught a class on creating with art yarns such as Ozark Handspun and how to use it in combination with yarns of different gauges. It was a day filled with glorious colors, textures and blendings of great handspuns both textured and smooth as well as stash yarns from student collections. As you can see, everyone took to this concept with enthusiasm and incredibly beautiful results. Most opted for a combination of gauges and textures creating their own versions of one of my shruglet designs. One of the students (Susan) decided to try making a diagonal scarf using Ozark and Boku which looked wonderful.

Louise decided on a lovely earthy color blend of greens, rusts, browns and a bit of teal. Sylvia (who tried to hide from being photographed but I caught her anyway) came up with a combination incorporating magentas, greens and naturals which was wonderfully delicious and Jackie went for an amazing combination of teals, magentas, silk and wool purple handspun which was quite striking. Gina came in for part of the workshop and was interested in using the art yarns in freeform work (note the gorgeous freeform bag next to her in the photo) and worked on technique with a couple of different variations of colorways. It was quite impressive to see the amount of progress everyone made on their projects and a great time was had by all including me. Good company, fun projects and great execution. Who could ask for more?

As the day was ending, there was a sudden rain storm which always makes things feel so fresh to me. My husband and I scurried to dinner around the corner from the store to Chang's Bistro which is a Thai restaurant with exquisitely delicious food and impeccable service. Afterwards, on the drive home, it was possible to see a dusting of fresh snow on the local mountains down to about the 3,000 ft level. Just beautiful! I was happy to get home and be snug in the warm house and slept well with dreams of new projects dancing in my head!


Genuine_Lye said...

That is some fabulous yarn, especially the purple-green color that the one girl is trying to hide her face with! There's some sharp photos in this post.

ChelleC said...

I can't wait to finally meet you in June!! This class inspires me. I can tell you are really going to rev up my creative juices like you have with these other knitters.