Monday, March 10, 2008

Knittin' honey

Sunday was a glorious day, beautifully clear and warm. My husband just acquired a GPS device that talks to you when you are driving. Not only does he not follow the directions but he argues with it. Oy vay! As the device tries to make him go in the direction it wants, he refuses and finally the poor thing gives up and re-calibrates itself. We are going to drive to Ohio in June and I can only hope and pray that the novelty will wear off or he will accept the directions as given. The idea of him arguing with this thing cross-country is giving me nightmares! Pray for me! LOL

On Saturday, I taught a class in Santa Clarita at Simply Knitting and we had a lovely time and the students created some wonderfully inventive pieces of abstract knitting. This shop has a wonderful homey atmosphere and the owner, her employees and customers make it a delight! They have a nice yarn selection as well.

I spent most of Sunday at Unraveled hanging out with my knitting buds. Christine (the owner) graciously allowed us to stay a little longer than usual and it was such fun. My friend Lisa (L and H) and I are working on Koigu Oriental jackets both of which are in their infancy. I must say there are some discrepancies between the book (From a Painters Palette) and the old booklet pattern for this. I checked out projects by other knitters on Ravelry and noted that others have run into problems as well. So be advised, read everything thoroughly before embarking on this one and have a knitting buddy to help you over the bumps along the road. I've posted a couple of photos and you can see the beginnings of my jacket peeking out from under a green shrug. As you can see, I haven't gotten far. Larry (knitdad) was working on a pair of socks which were giving him a fit as the yarn was not behaving the way he wanted (that can be truly frustrating.) Sylvia, Jillian and Christine joined our little circle and we had a wonderful afternoon just knitting and chatting. On the way home, my husband took me out to dinner and so it was the end to a lovely day as I did not have to cook. Because of the time change, I was up late working on my Koigu jacket and finally went to bed, dreaming of new projects and completing projects currently in the queue.

Additional photos posted include a scrap scarf as well as freeform shawl from 2006 which won a blue ribbon at the Los Angeles County Fair. It is one of my personal favs.

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