Monday, January 14, 2008


TNNA was amazing. There were gorgeous yarns and lots of the celebrity fiberatti everywhere. It was all a bit of whirl for me. We were very busy in the Ozark Handspun booth. I've included a few photos of the booth and you will notice that Sluggo is hiding in amongst things absorbing the atmosphere and greeting those coming and going. The fashion show was a big hit and everyone loved the freeform fleece capelet. I was very pleased about that.

On Friday, Margaret Hubert came in and said hello and let me know how much she liked all the new pieces. Prudence Mapstone and Myra Wood came through early in the day but I was in a class with Brandon Mably and even got to meet Kaffe Fasset (I snapped a photo but it is very obscure but I'm posting it anyway.) Debbie Stoller came through, Fayla Reiss, Sara Lytle (amazing crocheted sweaters.) Also, Larry Davis of knitdad fame came through. Prudence and Myra returned later in the day and we got a chance to talk. Myra showed me an advance copy of her new book and I must say it looks great and has some really nice work in it. My friend Ellene Warren also dropped by and you should check out her blog report as she was able to get photos of some of the people I have mentioned above. Elle is so talented and gorgeous as well. It is always fun to see her. So many wonderful things happened at this show that I haven't completely absorbed it all yet. As my old brain remembers things I will post about them. Also, I got a chance to meet Patti Subik of Great Adirondack Yarn Company. I adore her yarns and she is an absolute hoot! I just loved her and I am going to be designing some pieces for her with her incredible yarns. I feel as though I landed in yarn heaven (Ozark and Great Adirondack) who could ask for anything more glorious!?

Additionally, the Habu Textile booth is where I dropped most of my cash by ordering some of their wonderfully elegant yarns. The sample garments in the booth were so exquisite. I have been wanting to order from them since last year and I decided that the time had come. Can't wait to get the yarn order in my hot little hands.

By Sunday, I was pretty exhausted and needed a nap so I folded my tent and went home to soothe the cat's ruffled feelings. So, we are getting ready to take our second nap of the day. As I get older it takes a little longer to recover from a good time!


Yarnartist said...

Honestly, Janice, your creations were breathtaking! I bet Ozark did a bang up business when they told people all the patterns are (or will be) free on their site!
Can't wait to see what you do with your GA yarn! They win my official Bling award!

Janice Rosema said...

Thanks, Elle, things went really well for Ozark and myself too. They are gradually having more pattern support as I get things written up as actual knitting and crochet patterns. Doing something for the Great Adirondack Yarn Company also thrills me as I have lusted after their yarns for years. Can't wait to see THAT finished project! It was great to see you and give you a hug or two.

Kyle Kunnecke said...

I met Kaffe at Wildfiber this past Thursday - he was an enchanting guy... and I heard that other celebs from the knitting world were in town... it was hard to know that TNNA was going on and I couldn't attend... :( oh well; getting to see your work even on your blog helps to make up for it :)


Claudia said...

Hi Janice!

WOW - you have been busy and productive. And gorgeously (is that a word?) I might add. I have to go over to Ozark and Adirondack to see your patterns, but I have to say your bags are just beautiful. So vibrant and happy!

ChelleC said...

Janice, your pieces are just fantastic. It was fun reading your TNN report. Sounds like you had a chance to meet some really fantastic freeformers and I can't wait to meet you this spring.