Thursday, January 17, 2008

New quick knit shruglet

Finally, I'm feeling rested from all the excitement of TNNA. My mind is still buzzing with all the beautiful yarns and interesting new knitting related products. I did buy some wonderful dicroic glass buttons from Geddes Studio and some incredible glass shawl pins and large glass buttons from Moving Mud. They both make absolutely stunning things and are very nice people as well. Another bit of a thrill was having the opportunity to fondle quivit down. It is so luxurious and lovely spun into yarn. However, I had to restrain myself because of the above purchases as well as my adventure in the Habu Textile booth. I am giddy with excitement awaiting the arrival of these yarns. I can already see projects evolving in my head and have begun sketching so I have reference points from which to launch them into reality.

Just to keep my hands busy, I was playing around with different shapes and came up with an idea for a shruglet using Noro Silk Garden and Ozark Handspun. It turned out great and I am posting some photos. I need to photograph this on a model as it will really come to life. The great thing about this design is that it is easily adjusted to fit many sizes. I love it when that happens. A number of other projects are in the works as I am now working towards TNNA Columbus in June. It will be my first time going to that show and I've heard that it is very different from the show out here in California. So it should be educational and interesting.

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primdollie said...

Hi Dear
Oh my bet you have forgotten me!! but had to come see what you have been up to and love this new pattern!! and I see you will be at TNNA here in Columbus this June and if all goes well and my sister still comes out I will hope to see you there then!!!??? so will have to let you know for sure but last she said she was planning on going!! hope all is well with you and glad to see you had loads of fun in CA!!! hugs Linda