Saturday, January 5, 2008

More bags

H-m-m, it seems like I've got a trend going here. Bags, bags, bags. They are multiplying like rabbits or tribbles. Some of these are samples for TNNA Long Beach and on Thursday, we are setting up the booth for Ozark Handspun. That night is the fashion show and one of my pieces is going to be in the show. There are all kinds of new projects that will be debuted over the weekend at the show and then I will post more here.

The Belle Armoire articles on the wrapped necklaces and belts as well as the freeform fleece shawls are done and the photos are taken. I'm still not sure which issue they will be appearing in so I guess it will be a pleasant surprise when it shows up in my mailbox. Also, they want more articles on my knitted and crocheted flowers and some modular jackets and sweaters. They have also shown an interest in doing further work together so I am pleased about that. There is nothing like having things photographed by a professional as they make it look so great. So this will be a real treat to see things in print.

My work area as again reached avalanche status and I promise that after the show I will clean it all up and start all over again. Creation is a very messy process, at least for me. I have never understood how people can be so neat and organized while they are making things. It just doesn't work, I've tried, honest! But then it happens, the yarn pile explodes and there are odd bits of this and that all over the place and the next thing you know there is a new garment/bag/hat, etc, etc. Getting these ideas out of the brain and into the yarn and out through the fingers is a challenging adventure. Afterwards, I just sit there and admire my handiwork for a bit and then I'm off again.


Lisa said...

Can't wait to see you in Belle Armoire. I wish they published more often during the year!

ChelleC said...

Am eager to hear more about your April trip to Jeff City as well as your upcoming Belle Armoire article. Congrats! I love your work, be they purses, or whatever.

myosotis said...

Wow, very nice bags, I love such crazy textile-art! Congratulations and best wishes, Marion

Anonymous said...

I am way behind on my blog reading and just saw this. Why didn't you say something on Sunday? Can hardly wait for the article.