Monday, January 7, 2008

Meet Sluggo, boy reporter

Yesterday, at our monthly LA Fiber Guild meeting, we began to explore wet felting. This workshop will last for five months. I am so excited. Even though it was rainy and cold, I still enjoyed the process. My fingers were cold, wet prunes by the end of the day. I have posted my first little piece and my first ball! This was kind of cool, instead of being made with roving, it was done with the little snips of wool yarns that are usually thrown away. I really liked that idea. No waste!

Also, one of my friends (Katy Croshier) at the meeting gave me a present. Meet Sluggo! He is a wet felted slipper gone terribly wrong. She created him and patched his boo-boos and I just think he is a scream! In future, he will be traveling and reporting on my fiber adventures, so who knows what places he will be able to get into?!

Additionally, I've posted a few photos of yet some new bags that will be at TNNA and will be free patterns on the Ozark Handspun web site. Happy knitting and felting.


Pam said...

Sluggo needs to meet my Mr. Slugbunny!

Oh, they weird, ugly fun they would have.

Larry said...

It was such a good trip, seeing you at TNNA. Thanks for introducing me to the folks from Ozark. I'm happy Alison ordered some of the yarn and that classes are being discussed. Can't wait!