Monday, January 14, 2008

Magic Balls!

Just a quick report on the three hour workshop with Brandon Mably at TNNA. First of all, he is an amazing teacher and did something I have never seen before. He played music in the background which was great as it helped everyone focus and cut down on any chit-chat. Things moved along so quickly and before I knew it was over. The lovely bonus, however, was the fact that Kaffe Fasset sat in toward the end and we got to meet him. All of the swatches were pinned up and critiqued. There was some amazing work. Mine was not one of them as I had gotten "too tasteful" in one section and it sort of dropped away in terms of color (never thought I would be accused of being too tasteful, LOL.) I did ask if it was possible to continue and knit my way out of that problem. Kaffe said yes and explained how. They are very big on no ripping out, just working through it. That was a very useful piece of information for me and I am going to continue on with this project.

Additionally, Brandon did see all these swatches that I have been working on my own as since I got to the class 30 minutes early gave me hints on how to make them better. He did particularly like one of them and said it reminded him of a lovely old carpet. I agree that it was my most successful swatch and now I know why. It was a great class and in future I hope to take a two day workshop with him. Amazing teacher!


Yarnartist said...

Wow! Both of them at the same time! I thought the title was referring to the teacher! ha ha.

Janice Rosema said...

LOL, sounds pretty racy huh? It actually refers to the way they wind the yarn balls and that is what the class was called. It was pretty thrilling to be in the presence of the great Kaffe Fasset. I loved the whole experience.

Anonymous said...

How exciting!! That sounds like an experience I would have loved to attend too! I bet it was just great to talk to and learn from them both.

(Came across your blog through ravelry)


Angela Cox said...

Wow what a lovely selection of colours ,very inspirational.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

This class has been scheduled at my LYS for next Fall. I'm really looking forward to it!