Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Finally completed

At last, this new concept "apple peel" sweater is complete. For some reason, it sat in my work basket for about a month unfinished. Then, yesterday, I decided that the time had come and the sleeves were knitted and the edges crocheted and voila! The back has a little fishtail effect which is really cute and covers those "assests" that we as women usually want to cover. I need to take some photos with a model as that always makes it easier to see how it all looks "in action." This concept is something I am going to explore further and do some variations on a theme.

On Saturday, January 19th, I went to San Diego, CA and did a spinning, needle felting and freeform demo at a lovely store called The Shepherdess. It was a gorgeous day and they had the doors open so it was almost like being outside in the sunshine. Lots of people came through and we had fun playing with fiber and I answered a bunch of questions about fiber uses that are outside the ordinary. In the near future, will be teaching some classes at the store and these will be announced on the blog as they approach. I was also seduced by all the wonderful beads and even bought some wire to experiment with wire knitting and crochet as I have been curious about this for a while. More on that soon.

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Cooky said...

Hi Janice-
Thanks for spending the day with us Saturday. Your demos were so well done & answered many questions. The word is spreading that you'll be teaching here & I've had inquiries already-always a good sign! Can't wait to have you come back & maybe I can wear your beautiful green shawl again (it was like wearing a gentle, warm hug!).
Thanks so much,
The Shepherdess