Friday, January 25, 2008

Cabin fever

Between cold, wet weather and having an earache, I have been tethered to the couch and bed for a number of days. The good thing about this is that a) I've gotten a lot of sleep (which the cat appreciates as he snuggles with me) and b) a lot of knitting and crocheting time. Several of my languishing projects are well on the way to finishing and sharing with you all in the near future. Hurrah, I was beginning to think they would never come together. I've have written a bunch of new patterns for Ozark Handspun which should be up on their site soon.

Tomorrow, I am meeting Dave and Terri (Ozark Handspun) in San Diego as they are just returning from a week long cruise to Acapulo. We are going to the San Diego Zoo (I haven't been there since third grade.) At that time, there was a beautiful Japanese garden adjacent to the zoo which is since gone and was absorbed into the main zoo property. I remember exploring it as a child. I was always a lover of gardens and ponds even when I was young. I have a lot of new samples as well as patterns to give them to start off the new year. Sluggo will be going with us tomorrow and will be reporting on our travels. In the meantime, I am going to get a good night's sleep and am looking forward to my wildlife adventures.


Lisa said...

We are partners in ear pain. I have been sick all week. Have fun in S.D. Tell Sluggo to pack his umbrella!!

Janice Rosema said...

Even the ear pain could not dull my enthusiasm and appreciation for this day of exploration. Today, I am paying the price but I don't care.