Monday, December 3, 2007

Needlefelting jacket progress

This project really intrigues me. The idea of "painting" with Ozark Handspun on clothing seems to be having a pretty interesting outcome. This jacket started out using a hand-dyed alpaca batting (needlefelted on a scrim.) It was then cut and shaped into a jacket. Next, using a single felting needle, I sort of "sketched" using handspun and pulled out tufts to create the flowers. Then, when pleased with layout, I used a needlefelting machine to secure everything. I still need to line the jacket and do the finishing touches on the edges but I think this is coming along nicely. The whole idea of the possibilities sends my imagination soaring. I really want to experiment more with this whole thing.

Today, I sent off the descriptions and photos to Ozark Handspun for the TNNA fashion show in Long Beach, CA in January 2008. Also, will be in their booth during the show and there will lots of examples of what I've done using their yarns. If you are at the show, stop and check us out.


ChelleC said...

What you manage to do with needlefelting is just plain amazing. And I didn't realize there were needle felting machines!

Zanna said...

Oh my, that is wonderful. Needle felting machine? I swear I live in a cave...I just discovered needle felting, thanks to your purse.

Jane's Designs said...

Love your jacket. The flow, the colors, just wonderful.