Thursday, December 20, 2007

Intarsia mania is growing

Do you think there might be a 12-step program out there for intarsia addiction? This technique has really got me enthralled. Of course, adding three Kaffe Fassett books to my library probably has something to do with it. They are truly inspirational. Some of the projects contained in them are absolutely astounding! One of the things that I am learning from making these samples is chosing colors with enough contrast is crucial for some things and will take a little time to work that out on my own. Going from DK weight yarns and small needles to using Ozark and larger needles keeps thing interesting as well. I also located an English translation of one of Horst Schulz' books and am waiting for it to arrive. Even though intarsia is fascinating, my love of modular knitting still remains.

TNNA Long Beach is almost upon us and I have been working feverishly to complete a host of new samples for Ozark Handspun as well as write patterns that will be available on their web site in mid-January. It seems like my brain is buzzing with new ideas and I feel really motivated to make things! So keep your eyes peeled, there will be more photos to follow as the yarn adventures continue.

Oh, I also included a photo of one of the new Ozark designs (haven't finished the pattern yet though.) Hope you like it. It is a very quick knit and the new yarns are so soft as Dave is incorporating more gorgeous New Zealand mohair and Romney cross wool into them. Just wonderful to work with and feels nice next to the skin.


ChelleC said...

Oh my gosh, you doing absolutely stunning work. I am afraid to even OPEN the Kaffe Fasset books. But you have created such amazing stuff, you tempt me to open up another Pandora's Box.

Yarnartist said...

I love the swatches! What a fabulous blanket they will make.
You are totally amazing!

Fay Lynn said...

I think you will never stop. A 12 step program is a waist of time my dear.

Merry Christmas!

Larry said...

Have the happiest of holidays, Janice. It's been so neat to see all your swatches and to share in the joy of color and stitches.

Angela Cox said...

I believe Kaffe made a blanket of his swatches , it's in one of his books . I just gasp everytime I see more of yor work on Ravelry's amazing.