Sunday, December 2, 2007

Conceptual Design sweater finished

Well at last, the Conceptual Design sweater is completed. This is a pattern from the Dazzling Knits book by Patricia Werner. This was an interesting knit and involved a bit of thinking as I decided the order in which to knit the modular pieces together. Also, this can be sized up or down by adding or eliminating modules and certainly has many possibilites for other things such as pillows, afghans, scarves, etc. So, I am proud of myself for finishing it but not completely sure I like the color combo in these photos. I might do another project using this technique but change things up a bit. The apple peel sweater is nearly complete too and will post when done.

We finally had rain two days ago and the weather has been crisp and clear. Today, I made a big pot of homemade soup brimming with tomatoes, carrots, celery, corn, green beans, onions, garlic and some leftover beef. There is nothing like it on a chilly day and needless to say the husband is a happy camper! Hopefully, this will get me off the hook from cooking for a couple of days. All I need to do is make him a chocolate cake and I will be able to knit uninterrupted for at least a few days.


Vyvyan said...

My jaw dropped when I saw you're finished CD sweater! Not just because it turned out so gorgeous but because you worked it up SO FAST! Are your fingers curling at odd angles from all that speed knitting? (You don't want to know how long it took to make mine...)

ChelleC said...

Me too. The sweater is gorgeous, but I seriously don't know how you knit so fast. Amazing!