Wednesday, November 7, 2007

hat and shawls

Having just finished this hat this morning, thought I would put up a photo. This was an interesting pattern but actually was pretty darn big even knitting to gauge. Lucky I have a big head, 'cause I am going to keep it for myself as it is a happy looking hat to wear on a winter day. This is one I would like to make again and next time, I would leave out a square on the first row and see if that makes it a better fit for the average head. Oh, by the way, the pattern is called Diamond Head by David Xenakis. It is based on the techniques of Horst Schulz. The shawls are Sursa by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton. This is my favorite quick knit for a shawl as they all look so different. It is a joy to make.

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ChelleC said...

Really cute hat. My gosh, you are fast. How do you get so many projects finished?