Friday, November 16, 2007

Evolution of a sweater

A few posts back, I mentioned getting an idea for a sweater from looking at an apple peeling. Well, here is the next stage in the evolutionary process. I started with two scarves of an appropriate length for body size. Using a mannequin, I wrapped and pinned to create the sweater shape and will add crocheted sleeves and a bit of fringing at the bottom to complete. This is a very easy way to design a custom fit sweater. If you have a mannequin use that or get a friend to help you with the draping and pinning to size on yourself. I will post a photo of completed sweater when done. Also, here is a photo of the next stage in my Dazzling Knits conceptual sweater experiment. So far, so good. Hope this gives you some new design ideas and encourages you all to experiment "outside the box!" Happy knitting and crocheting.


ChelleC said...

Wow, I'm fascinated with how you are fitting this, i.e. using the maniquin. Great idea! Wonder where I could get one . . . seriously.

Vyvyan said...

Your apple peel idea is great!

Everytime you wear your conceptual sweater (when its finished), you will get compliments--ask me how I know! But then, you probably get that with every knitted item you make anyway.