Thursday, November 8, 2007

Argh, the skein from hell

Have you ever had this happen? A perfectly normal-looking beautiful skein of yarn just waiting to present challenges worthy of a Gordian knot! It all started out innocently enough. The lovely thing was placed on the swift and the process of balling it up started and then, IT happened! Something went terribly wrong and it became tangled beyond description. Notice too that it is fingering weight yarn (500+ yds)destined to become Entrelac socks. All of this happened on Saturday. It is now Thursday and for the past days, this skein and I have struggled with each other. I, of course, am determined to win and just plug along at any moment my hands are idle. As you can see, I'm gaining on the little sucker! When I reach the point where I can actually cast on the socks, I will be thrilled. Tune in to see if I reach that point and it becomes a pair of socks.


Tracy said...

Ooo what an absolutely lovely tangle of yarn barf!

Earlier this week I was struggling with an extremely overspun yarn...a cone weighting about 3 pounds...couldn't have done it if hubby hadn't been here to help.

ChelleC said...

Ah yes, I recall that last year, my mother and I spent all day Christmas Eve and all day Christmas untangling one of her favorite glitzy yarns that became hopelessly tangled. Made the family togetherness all that more interesting, and many family members got in on helping out, whether they liked it or not. Grrr.

Christy B. said...

Yeegad! Makes my stomach turn--and I'm sure yours. I'm so sorry.