Sunday, October 21, 2007

Workroom stash revealed

Now I've done it! Today, I actually worked on phase 2 of stash organization (just the yarn mind you. Yesterday, my husband and I went to Ikea for storage containers. It was a little crazy in there, tons of families and lots of kids (I promise I will never go on the weekend again.) Anyway, we navigated our way to the storage systems area and after oohing and aahing over all the new stuff, I managed to make my selections and head for the exit with only a few minor sidetracks on the way. Since we did this at the end of the day and we both were tired, the storage containers made their way to the workroom where they spent the night in my cat's favorite chair. Needless to say, he walked on us all night long to show his displeasure.
This morning, after life-sustaining caffeine in massive quantities, I had enough ambition to stumble towards the workroom to tackle my task. First, containers were assembled and then filled, categorizing by yarn types and arranged by how often I use certain things. Of course, the Noro yarns, Ozark yarns and silks had to remain where I could fondle them at will without any plastic container coming between. I piled up all my fleece pieces in a cloth basket and stood back admiring the colors and textures. Wonderful! There are still uncorraled yarns milling about in random bags but we won't talk about those.
Organizing spinning supplies and actual spinning fleeces will constitute phase 3 of Project Organization. Now, concerning cataloging all of this on Ravelry, it will only be new acquisitions, pre-Ravelry stash does not count in my mind. Good plan, don't you think? Otherwise, it will drive me crazy and believe me it is not a long trip! So, I'm giving you a peek into my yarn world and the insanity that dwells in that one room is rather impressive. Don't tell anyone, I have more yarn hidden in closets, etc.


Lisa said...

Hoo boy! Now, that's a stash! Mine suddenly seems small and uninteresting, 2 words I never thought I'd use to describe it.
You've collected some lovely yarns. The Ozark that you mentioned, can you tell a bit more about that yarn? I've never heard of it, but it sounds like one of your favorites.

Kyle Kunnecke said...

one day, you'll take the big plunge.. pull ALL the yarn out in one spot and see what you really have... it's a definate awakening to see all of it in one spot... it made me freak out just a bit..

OH how I wish I had a "yarn room" - one that I could create and organize in - and one that I could just shut the door to when it's time for company! :) - but for now, my yarn hides everywhere.. in buckets, in closets, in the garage, under the bed... waiting patiently to be selected!

I agree with you about pre ravelry yarn - I have decided only to catalog the yarn I have bought for specific projects - there's just oo much of it around to catalog.. and all that cataloging eats up my knitting time...

Fay Lynn said...

I store my stash at the store. keeps my marriage together...he he

ritarenata said...

that´s woolhaeven on earth!
thanks to showing, its really woooooonderful.
greetings from vienna.
rita (alias ritarenata at ravelry)